Welcome to the Utah Chapter of IFMA

We had a great holiday social this year at the Vivint Smart Home Arena where we celebrated our 30th anniversary as a chapter!  It was great to have some original chapter members present to join in the celebration.



September 2017

To the Utah Chapter Members:

First off, I would like to thank each of you for your support and assistance with the many activities IFMA is associated with. I would especially like to thank the Board Members – both Professional and Associate – for the things they do behind the scenes to make the events and activities so beneficial to all of us as Chapter Members.

The Utah Chapter will soon be reaching its 30th year and I would be ungrateful not to recognize all the past members who helped create the chapter and their efforts in making what we currently enjoy possible. I also look forward to working with those who will be a major influence in the ways we look at Facilities Management.

We have a great opportunity to take the next steps forward in learning, sharing, and developing best practices that many different industries can use to better maintain the facilities in which we work. Realistically, we have close to 5,000 years of experience within the current chapter to pull from. The only thing holding us back is sharing what we have learned so that others can benefit from our core knowledge base. 

I am excited to be serving as President of the Utah Chapter of IFMA for the next two years and look forward to knowing each one of you. Please feel free to contact me with any questions or concerns.

Thanks, again, for your participation.

Larry E. Rust

IFMA Utah Chapter