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10 Top Reasons Why it Pays to Join the Utah Chapter of IFMA

  1. FIND SOLUTIONS FASTER: Avoid "reinventing the wheel".  Get information to solve a problem that may be new to you but has already been experienced, investigated and solved with first class solutions by fellow facility managers who belong to the Utah Chapter of IFMA.  Chances are you are not the first to encounter a situation that can cost a significant amount of time and money.
  2. LOCAL NETWORKING WITH OTHER PROFESSIONALS FROM TOP COMPANIES IN UTAH:  Utah has one of the largest chapters in the country, with over 180 members from all types of companies that have common issues, challenges and interests.  There are opportunities each month at luncheons, seminars or education conferences to network with your peers.  You can also e-mail the entire membership or call someone directly.
  3. PROFESSIONAL DEVELOPMENT THROUGH EDUCATIONAL OPPORTUNITIES:  Increase your opportunities to broaden skills and knowledge at monthly meetings and education seminars.  Utah chapter membership comes together often for presentations on timely subjects that will improve your ability to do a job better, faster and more economically. 
  4. CERTIFIED FACILITY MANAGER (CFM):  Receive your Certified Facility Management (CFM) designation.  Prepare for this exam with information provided by IFMA through their extensive resources of information.  You also have the option to join a designation study group to prepare for the CFM exam.  More than ever, professionals see the necessity of attaining this professional designation.  The CFM designation projects your skills at a high level of competence with best practices being utilized in every facet of your facilities department.
  5. A GREAT PROFESSIONAL NETWORK:   Become part of an impressive network of professionals that can enhance your life and give extra dimension to your job.  Social events include an annual golf tournament, holiday social, service projects, monthly luncheons and scheduled educational conferences throughout the year.
  6. ASSOCIATE MEMBERS CAN SOLVE YOUR FACILITIES CHALLENGES:  To support you -- the professional Facility Manager -- there is a large group of Associate Members representing many different types of companies that have developed products, services and solutions geared specifically for your company's needs. 
  7. MEMBER RESOURCES available through
  8. EMPLOYMENT OPPORTUNITIES:  It’s great to have a network of fellow professionals that know about employment opportunities. Jobs are posted on the Chapter website as they come available.
  9. LEADERSHIP OPPORTUNITIES:  Chapter committee and leadership positions allow members to contribute in areas such as program and event planning, marketing, Web development and member recruitment.  Participation as a chapter leader or organizer is highly rewarding.  Chapter involvement is a source of pride, accomplishment and honor.
  10. IFMA MEMBERSHIP BENEFITS YOUR COMPANY through increased efficiency and production in your facility management team.

IFMA Bucks

The Utah Chapter of IFMA has an incentive program designed to encourage membership growth and increase member participation. The program enables you to accumulate IFMA Bucks, which are redeemable at the annual Spring Conference. This meeting features an auction where you use the Bucks you have earned to bid on a variety of items such as gift cards, dinner packages, furniture, sports tickets and gift items. The program was created to encourage and reward you for participating in the Utah Chapter of IFMA functions and to motivate you to bring some new members into the Chapter.  Below is the point system on how you can accumulate points.

  • Attend IFMA World Workplace
  • Attend an educational offering sponsored by IFMA
  • Attend Spring Conference
  • Attend Fall Conference
  • Attend a chapter meeting
  • Refer a new member
  • Bring a non-member guest to a chapter event
  • Serve as a chapter officer
  • Serve on a chapter committee
  • Write an article for the newsletter
  • Earn your CFM designation
  • Speak at a chapter educational seminar
  • Attend CFM review course
  • Help the programs committee plan for a speaker or venue for a monthly luncheon

IFMA Engage

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