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May 15, 2018

IFMA May 2018 Meeting
May 15, 2018
11:30 AM - 1:30 PM
Security National Building Center 53
434 Ascension Way
Murray, UT 84123
Understanding the differences between ROI and VOI

This is going to be a terrific meeting with our speaker Craig Weston – Vice President Corporate & Community Development, Financially Fit.  VOI measures the total value of “soft” or intangible benefits derived from technology initiatives in addition to the “hard” benefits measured by ROI. VOI is subjective and difficult to measure with the same precision as ROI.

Craig Weston is a born native of SLC, he attended the University of Utah where he played baseball his true passion in life, he has a business degree in Business Management, Craig has taken a strong leadership role in all of the companies that he has be blessed to be part of.  Some of Craig’s highlights are that he served as Executive Vice President of Aminco International, the exclusive Olympic Pin provider in the 2002 Olympic Winter Games. Craig’s Olympic legacy is that he created the “Green Jello” pin which is the most collectable Olympic Pin of the Salt Lake Olympic Winter games and to this date is still one of the most collectable in the Olympic Pin movement.

Craig specializes in relationship development and company growth through ownership and accountability. He has more than 20 years of executive sales experience, touting a track record of exceeding client expectations and engaging in company culture.

Craig has a very specific and defined “purpose in life” and that is to serve others and inspire success and happiness, with a focus and emphasis on building strategic partnerships, networking, and building trusted relationships, this principle has not only benefited Craig personally but also those within that effort, living the mantra of “My network is your network…How can I help you….this principle has payed impressive dividends internally and externally

Craig currently serves as Executive Vice President of Financially Fit LLC, he also sits as the Chair for the Salt Lake City Chamber of Commerce Presidents Ambassador committee, he is also honored to sit on the Board of Directors for The Voice of the Children Foundation for Haiti

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